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Notation Based on the Act on Specified Commercial Transactions and Website Terms of Use

Cybercrime Investigation Knowledge Forum(hereinafter referred to as “the Company”) hereby represents the following in accordance with Article 11 (Advertisement of Mail Order Sales) of the Act on Specified Commercial Transactions regarding the CIBOK Online Shop (hereinafter referred to as “the Website”.) The Company also hereby prescribes the terms and conditions applied to the use of the Website. By placing an order through the Website, you shall be deemed to have agreed the following terms and conditions.

The Website is created only for our customers living in Japan. The customers outside Japan who gain access to the Website shall comply with the local laws if applicable, and it is your responsibility to visit the Website voluntarily within the limits of such laws. If you are under the age of majority, the Website will not be available without agreement of a person who has parental authority or your guardian.

Online Retailer : Trend Micro Incorporated
Operation President Director : Eva Chen
Address : Shinjuku MAYNDS Tower, 2-1-1 Yoyogi, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, 151-0053, Japan
Contact Number : 03-5334-3623
Contact E-mail Address :

■General Sales Terms

Selling Prices
Our selling prices are displayed on the order page. The prices shall not include consumption tax and other local taxes. Duties, other taxes and the like imposed by law shall be borne by the customers separately.

Conclusion of Sales Contract
A sales contract shall be deemed to have concluded when an order confirmation e-mail is sent out by the Company ( to the customer.

The replacement of the ordered item delivered hereunder may be made only in the cases where the ordered item has a defacement or damage, or is a wrong item subject to the following conditions:

1. Conditions of refunds and replacement
  • (1)Within seven (7) days after you receive the ordered item
  • (2)If you do not fall under the category of the following “3. Cases where the ordered item is neither refundable nor replaceable.”
    If you return the ordered item unilaterally without contact with the Company in accordance with the following “2. Return and replacement procedure,” payment for the ordered item may not be refundable.

2. Return and replacement procedure
If you request a refund of your money or replacement of the ordered item due to pages missing or out of order, please contact us through the “Contact Us” page with the following information:
Before you contact us, please confirm the terms and conditions in the following “3. Cases where the ordered item is neither refundable nor replaceable” because the ordered item may not be refundable or replaceable in some cases.
For inquiries, please contact us here.
Matters to be notified:
  • - Name of the ordered item
  • - Order number
  • - State of defacement or damage (please try to be as specific as possible when describing it, including the state of the packing materials.)
  • - Name of the ordered item delivered in case of a wrong item

After getting contacted, the Company will send another confirmation e-mail to you upon acceptance of your request for the refunds or the replacement, and notify you of the details of the procedure including shipping instructions. You shall prepare transportation packing materials and bear the return shipping cost.

3. Cases where the ordered item is neither refundable nor replaceable
We do not accept any claims for refunds or replacement if any of the conditions shown below is met:
  • (1)Refunds or replacement on grounds of the customer’s convenience
    After shipment of the ordered item, we do not accept any claims for refunds, replacement or cancellation on grounds of the customer’s convenience. We also do not accept any claim for the replacement of the ordered item to any other product not ordered.
  • (2)Minimal defacement or damage (such as suntans and mottles)
    We do not accept any claims for refunds or replacement due to suntans and mottles caused by age-related deterioration, and scratches, kinks, twists, corner deformation and friction marks on covers having no difficulty in reading.

We shall make no warranty against defects and the like in the ordered item sold by the Company except as stated above in “Refunds and Replacement.”

Cancellation of orders and sales contract
The Company may cancel your order or the sales contract without notifying you if we find that you fall under any of the following items:
  • (1)If payment is not made through a bank transfer by the date designated by the Company;
  • (2)If sales of the ordered item has ended;
  • (3)If a delivery address is unknown, or if the ordered item is not allowed to reach you for reasons such as your long absence;
  • (4)If it becomes obvious on rational grounds that the pricing displayed is not correct; or
  • (5)If the Company deems such cancellation necessary on rational grounds.

Payment and delivery
* Transactions shall be settled in yen terms. In case a delivery address is outside Japan, the consumption tax is not applied to payment for the ordered item and shipping charges.

- Method of payment
  • (1)In case of the purchase of one (1) to ten (10) copies, payment shall be made only through a PayPal credit card transaction.
  • (2)In case of the purchase of eleven (11) and over copies, payment shall be made only through a bank transfer.

- Deadline for payment
  • (1)Payment through PayPal (online wallet service): Enter service information (credit card information) when you purchase the ordered item. Payment is made in accordance with a contract with your credit settlement service provider.
  • (2)Payment through a bank transfer: Payable only in advance. Confirmed the transfer, we will proceed to the sending of the ordered item.

- Charges other than product price
Shipping charges shall be added. In case of a bank transfer, the customer shall be liable for the relevant bank fee.
  • (1)Shipping charges: See “Delivery method” below.
  • (2)Bank fee: To be charged in accordance with a contract with your bank.

- Validity period of order
  • (1)The validity period of an order shall be thirty (30) days.
  • (2)If we have not received payment from the customer who makes such payment through a bank transfer within the thirty (30) days, we have to cancel the order.

- Product delivery method
The delivery of the ordered item is entrusted to the transportation company separately stated.

- Order delivery method (to foreign countries)
The ordered item will be delivered from Japan to foreign countries in the following way, provided, however, that the following method may not be used depending on the country:

- Order delivery method (in Japan)
The ordered item will be delivered in Japan in the following way:

- Delivery time
The ordered item will be got ready for shipping within five (5) business days after we confirm the completion of payment transaction and an online transfer.
The ordered item will arrive in accordance with the delivery schedule of the transport company you have chosen (it will reach you within five (5) business days of the start of shipping.)

Precaution statement
- Please beware of the following:
  • (1)In case of partial shipments, you shall be charged for each partial shipment.
  • (2)For security reasons, we cannot ship any order to a P.O. box or to be left until called for.
  • (3)If a tariff is imposed, you shall separately pay the tariff when you receive the delivered item.
  • (4)The number of days for deliveries is only as “a rough guide,” and we shall not guarantee the number of days for deliveries. As regards packages addressed to the US and Canada, it may take several days or weeks longer than usual for delivery because of anti-terror measures.
  • (5)Giving first priority to prevent any damage to the ordered item, we may use extra packing materials.
  • (6)Regardless of the order delivery methods, if the ordered item once shipped is returned to the Company for any reason, your order shall be deemed to have been cancelled. The returned item shall not be re-delivered to you. The paid shipping charges are not refundable unless such return is clearly attributable to us.
  • (7)If a special delivery destination is required in, or special conditions are attached to either of the delivery methods prescribed herein, or in case of a relevant delivery company’s trouble, we may not ensure delivery of the ordered item.
  • (8)The product images shown on the Website are actual photographs of the products, but appearance such as color of the products may differ from the actual products when images are viewed through media such as a computer monitor.
  • (9)The Company shall not be liable for any problems occurred due to non-delivery or unreadable characters of e-mails sent by the Company to the customer, and e-mails sent by the customer to the Company.
  • (10)When multiple products are ordered at one time, and if some of the products are out of stock, delivery of the entire order may be delayed until all the ordered items are available at the discretion of the Company.
  • (11)The ordered item may not be delivered to some countries or regions due to security or other reasons. For more details of the countries and regions where the ordered item are deliverable, please see the Japan Post website:
  • (12)The ordered item shall be shipped in a standard packaging that will be durable for international transportation.
  • (13)The Company shall not be liable for any damage caused by the mishandling of the deliverables on the customer’s side unless damage to the products is caused by faulty packaging.
  • (14)Unless otherwise agreed upon, the risk of loss or damage to the ordered item shall transfer from the Company to the customer at the point it is loaded on a ship or plane in Japan for transport. Provided, however, that the Company shall retain ownership of the deliverables until they are paid for in full.
  • (15)The Company shall bear no responsibility for non-shipment or delay in shipping of the ordered item, or for non-performance or delay in performance of our obligations hereunder due to reasons including war, civil commotion, riot, labor dispute, epidemic, fire, typhoon, flood, earthquake, embargo, government control or any other event out of our control.

Prohibited Matters
- The customers shall not conduct any of the following actions:
  • (1)any actions that violate laws or ordinances, or offend public order or morals;
  • (2)any actions relating to criminal behavior;
  • (3)any actions that cause the breaking or interruption of the functionality of the Company’s server or network;
  • (4)any actions that interfere with the operation of our services;
  • (5)any actions that impersonate other users;
  • (6)any actions that provide favors directly or indirectly to antisocial forces regarding our services;
  • (7)unauthorized reproduction or use of the contents, text, images and the like of the Website; or
  • (8)any other actions deemed inappropriate by the Company.

Suspension of the Website
The Company reserves the right to suspend the Website without prior notification to the customers in any of the following cases:
  • - if necessary for emergency maintenance of the system;
  • - if any accidental occurrence such as fire, power disruption and others, or interference by a third party makes the operation of the system difficult;
  • - if any event of force majeure or the like results in an inability to operate the system; or
  • - if the Company considers it necessary to suspend the system due to any emergency other than the above.

Change in the content of the Website
The content of the Website shall be subject to change without notice.

Governing law, jurisdiction, etc.
In no event shall the Company be liable to you or any third parties for any consequential and incidental damages and lost profits incurred in connection with the use of the Website. The interpretation of the Website and the provisions prescribed herein shall be governed by the laws of Japan. All conflicts arising from the Website shall be submitted to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Tokyo District Court in the first instance.

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