Cybercrime Investigation Body Of Knowledge

Privacy Policy

Cybercrime Investigation Body of Knowledge Editorial Committee (“Editorial Committee”) is committed to protecting your personal information by establishing personal information protection system and is thoroughly managing the importance of personal information and our initiative for that amongst Editorial Committee members.

  1. Collection and use of personal information

  2. The Editorial Committee clearly demonstrate its usage when the Editorial Committee collect personal information in writing including electronic ways unless they are according to laws.

  3. Management of personal information

  4. The Editorial Committee takes required measures as maintaining security system and establishing management system to protect personal information from loss, alternation and destruction. Also the Editorial Committee takes appropriate security measures to manage personal information.

  5. Usage limitation of your personal information

  6. The Editorial Committee does not use personal information for other purpose than our original purpose unless they are according to laws.

  7. Sharing your personal information

  8. The Editorial Committee does not share information to the other parties unless they are according to laws.

  9. Disclosure, amendment, and suspension of your personal information

  10. The Editorial Committee discloses, amends, and suspends personal information when the editorial committee receives disclosure request from the person himself/herself or the editorial committee receives any request for disclosed personal information to amend or suspend it and when it is relevant to do so.

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    Last updated: 2017.10.17