Cybercrime Investigation Body Of Knowledge


  • This is the purchase site of CIBOK.
    You can choose from English and Japanese, each in Color and Black & White.

    Due to Covit19 issue around the globe, there are several countries/regions where it is difficult for now to deliver CIBOK. If you wish to get CIBOK from those country where the delivery is suspended, please contact to the administration office (

List of Items

CIBOK English 1st Edition Full-Color(CIBOK002)

24,750 YEN
(Japan domestic price)

22,500 YEN
(Foreign Price)

CIBOK Japanese 1st Edition Full-Color(CIBOK004)

23,100 YEN
(Japan domestic price)

21,000 YEN
(Foreign Price)

CIBOK 1st Edition Black and White(CIBOK001)

12,650 YEN
(Japan domestic price)

11,500 YEN
(Foreign Price)

CIBOK Japanese 1st Edition Black and White(CIBOK003)

11,000 YEN
(Japan domestic price)

10,000 YEN
(Foreign Price)